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ONDAMED Case Studies — Vision

KR is a 48-year old woman who lost almost all ability to see out of both eyes on the 8th of May 2008.

She had been feeling as though her head was “clogged up” with the sensation in her ears, jaw and salivary glands. She wasn't sick prior to losing her vision. KR started an herbal combination that was formulated for cleansing the lymphatic system approximately one week prior to losing her vision. It was during the cleanse that her vision first became blurry. During the cleanse KR fell while shopping because her vision was so impaired. She fell on her right hand and right knee but did not suffer any severe injury. Afterward she went home. Within two hours of the fall she had a fever of 103 that lasted two days. After the fever broke, she still had blurry vision that seemed to be worse. She felt extremely tired and was scared and frustrated about her vision. She thought that perhaps the cleansing program might have stirred up an old virus. If this was the case, she was expecting her vision to be improved, not staying the same or getting worse. She would constantly blink in an effort to clear her vision but it did not help. KR’s vision was blurred in both eyes and she also had mild discomfort pain in her neck from the fall. KR is an ONDAMED practitioner and started treating herself a few days after the fever went away. She treated herself on average, with three short sessions, three times each week. After each Ondamed treatment program she would get some relief and her vision would get better for short periods of time.

Ondamed also relieved the discomfort in her neck and overall she felt better. But she still experienced blurry vision and decided to see an ophthalmologist. The earliest appointment available was June 1, 2008. The doctor did numerous tests which found no abnormalities and thought that the blurry vision was from her prescription contact lenses. KR was given a stronger prescription for the contact lenses and it did not improve the blurry vision.

KR continued to use ONDAMED to have brief periods of cleared vision. In the second week in June she had an entire day free so she decided to work on herself with a longer program. She took her time and scanned for specific frequencies as well as other programs. When she recorded the greatest pulse response from several frequencies, they corresponded to a pneumonia virus which appeared to be in her salivary glands, tonsils, shoulders, and back of her head. She felt significantly better after running the specific frequency applications. KR felt more relaxed and was experiencing longer periods of clear vision right after treatment. The neck pain came and went but it was manageable and getting better with each treatment. Her energy level was much better and she was beginning to feel well. She applied programs for the atlas, throat, eye issues, and lymph system which all seemed to help. While her vision was better she was still experiencing periods of blurry vision throughout the day.

KR decided to see another ophthalmologist on the 26th of June. The doctor found nothing wrong with her retina and there were no macular abnormalities or cataracts. He said nothing was wrong and thought there was a problem with the prescription. The prescription was changed again and she received a new set of contact lenses. The prescription was adjusted to multi focal so she did not need reading glasses with the lens. She tried the new lenses for one day and it made things worse. She experienced more eyestrain and blurry vision.

Since ONDAMED appeared to give bouts of clear vision, she decided to be more diligent and do sessions on herself every day. She specifically worked on inflammation, specific frequencies, and the lymphatic system as well as running other programs and including patient specific modules depending upon her pulse response.

By end of June, KR was able to drive again (she had stopped because of the blurred vision). Her vision was significantly improved and the blurry vision had reduced substantially. She no longer experienced any blurred vision in the right eye and just a small dot of blurred vision in left eye that would come and go throughout the day (almost like a floater).

She continued to work on herself with ONDAMED. By the 4th of July, she could see almost perfectly. The dot in her left eye was getting smaller.

By July 24 she rarely experienced blurred vision in left eye. Since she was documenting her progress she thought it was possible that the lymph cleanse may have stirred up an old virus. She recalled washing her dog 10 years ago and when the dog shook the water out of her coat something got behind KRs’ contact lens. She immediately got an eye infection that caused vision blurring. It was treated with medication and cleared up. But it was after that time she started to experience the clogged feeling she was experiencing in her head and it became pretty constant. She no longer had the clogged feeling in her head. Her ears were clear and her hearing improved. Her eyes are still clear. Since the end of July she treats herself with Ondamed approximately 3 times each week.

While it is not recommended to have Ondamed treatments every day, it was the only modality that dramatically improved her condition. KR was diligent in seeing two ophthalmologists who both came to the same conclusion to change her prescription. Unfortunately, this caused her vision to become worse. KR’s vision is now normal and her other symptoms have subsided as well.   (Practitioner: Kelley Rothleutner)

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