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ONDAMED Case Studies — Complications During Pregnancy

Female, 29 years old, 33 weeks pregnant, hospitalized with abdominal pain and mild bleeding.

Female, 29 years old, 33 weeks pregnant, comes to the hospital with abdominal pain and mild bleeding (the source of bleeding wasn't discovered with the ultrasound), and gets admitted for observation.

After 2 days of No-Spa and Dexamethasone (and 2 hours of program 121 daily), the patient's placenta ruptured completely, with massive hemorrhage. Surgery was the next step, and inside the OR another surprise: the patient had asthma and her lungs reacted to the anesthesia. Lower dosage of anesthetic was used; the emergency c-section was done fast, the placenta removed and the bleeding arteries catheterized. 8 hours after the surgery, the ONDAMED treatment was begun again, this time with programs 128, 129, 90 and 98, each one for half hour.

The second day after the surgery, when the anesthesia was completely flushed from the patient`s system, severe pain occurred and the treatment used was program 84 for half hour at maximum intensity and program 98 for half hour, 4 times a day. The pain was slightly lowered during the treatments and came back between.

The next day the effect of the treatment was lowering the pain to half, and on the third day all pain was gone. With no medication at all, no anti-inflammatories or pain pills (due to the lung condition).

Day 4 from the surgery the pain is all gone and we use 90 and 98 for the scar, 2 treatments of one hour for 2 more days and the patient fully recovered physically and is energized and active.

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