This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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ONDAMED Case Studies — Pain

KJ is a 65 year-old woman with a history of chronic low back pain that was getting worse over the past two years.

She was seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist and also had Rolfing treatment. These treatments helped temporarily but pain came back and got worse over time. She couldn’t sleep well, her mind was foggy and her vision not clear. Her ability to exercise was compromised from the constant back pain.

She received her first Ondamed treatment on 7/3/08 (advanced program). During her second treatment on 7/8/08 KJ reported feeling better with less pain. She received treatments on 7/9/08 and 7/10/08. After the 3rd treatment she noticed that she was able to fall asleep and stay asleep without pain. The constant throbbing in her back was much better and she could lie on left side (she couldn’t before). KJ was feeling more energetic.

She received treatments on 7/14/08, 7/17/08, 7/21/08, 7/22/08 and 7/23/08. By the last visit she was “bouncing off the wall”. She felt amazing. Her memory and personality returned to normal. KJ was able to bend over and touched her toes with the agility of a ballerina! In her own words, “I was flying high and felt great”.

Four days after the last Ondamed treatment she went on a trip with long hours of driving. After driving the first 4 hours to another state, she felt fine. She and her husband arrived at their friends’ home without any discomfort. After KJ went to bed that evening she woke up with great discomfort. The mattress she slept on had caused some problems in her back. She took a walk and the discomfort eased up a bit, but still felt very uncomfortable. The next morning the pain had intensified. She still had to drive to two other states. During the next 7-hour drive she used ice packs that helped the pain. She went to a chiropractor during the trip.

The chiropractor diagnosed that she now had a bulging disc that may have been exacerbated by the long drive and poor mattress. She had specific chiropractic treatment for the bulging disc called, “flexion, distraction and decompression.” To date she has had 20 adjustments and she is 80% better. She continues to get adjustments one day per week. The disc was also causing sciatic pain that has since subsided. (Case Study Conducted by Dr. Peter Holyk)

JM is a 53 year-old male whose main complaints include left knee pain at a level 2 walking and a level 7 when getting in and out of the car.

He did not receive any prior treatment for these issues. The knee pain started approximately 5 weeks prior to his first Ondamed treatment on 6/19/08 and he did not recall any injury.

During his next treatment on 6/20/08 he reported that the left knee pain level decreased to 6 from 7 when getting in and out of the car and a level 2 when walking. In the middle of night JM noted pain in his lower back that caused difficulty sleeping. When he woke up in the morning he experienced no pain. After the second treatment he also expressed a pronounced happiness right after the treatment.

On 6/23/08 JM reported during Ondamed treatment that his pain level in his knee decreased to 2 when walking and to was still 6 when getting in and out of the car. His general pain level was 6.5. He had no more pain in his back. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

FH is a 67 year-old woman who was diagnosed with neuropathy in her feet and lower extremities in February 2008.

She suffered from burning feet and toes and could not walk well. FH was also experiencing severe, unrelenting pain from sciatica and intermittent claudication since February 2008 as well. She had tried numerous medications with the neurologist for all these issues but nothing helped and she did not improve. She also has a history of type 2 diabetes for several years. Amaryl was added about one year ago to help get her blood sugar under control. FH presently is working on getting off the medication with diet and supplements. Because of the pain from the neuropathy, sciatica and intermittent claudication she was unable to sleep, lie down (she would sleep on a recliner padded with pillows) or walk. She could stand for only short periods of time because of the pain. Her quality of life was poor and nothing she tried was able to substantially diminish the pain. She felt as thought she was going to die.

Her first Ondamed treatment was on 5/24/08 with a physician who was trained to use the device. She could hardly walk into the doctor’s office and required assistance. Immediately after treatment she could lift her leg without pain. This was the first time she experienced any relief of her pain.

During the next visit on 5/30/08 she reported that she felt much better the first two days after treatment. It was the first time she could sleep without pain and without getting up. Some of the pain came back but it was substantially less severe. She was able to walk without assistance.

Her next visit was on 6/6/08. She reported that she felt better and was consistently sleeping better. She had a better range of motion and had substantially less pain. She was able to walk and would find that she was experiencing mild discomfort at times. The practitioner noted that she actually looked happy and was smiling in contrast to her first visit when she had severe pain.

On 6/12/08 FH received another Ondamed treatment and reported that she was still doing well and was overjoyed that she finally found relief from the pain she had been experiencing. She was still sleeping better and experienced very little discomfort. She was able to walk and get around by herself which dramatically improved her quality of life. She told the receptionist, “ I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find the doctor and get this treatment.”

FH continued Ondamed treatment once per week for a total of 10 weeks. She sleeps through the entire night and no longer experiences any pain. She finally has a feeling of well-being. If she starts to feel any discomfort or diminished well-being she will seek Ondamed treatment immediately. In her own words,” I am so much better now. I no longer feel as if my whole body is in pain. This is wonderful! Each Ondamed treatment leaves me with a marvelous feeling of well-being and a greatly improved quality of life. (Practitioner: A.G. Patel, M.D.)

Joy is a12 year-old and who was unable to walk for 18 months prior to his first Ondamed treatment.

It was his family's choice not to seek a physicians’ advice, and instead follow the Ayurvedic (natural and non-invasive to the body) method of healing. They have continued practicing Ayurvedic medicine since moving from India to the United States 13 years ago including being lacto-ovo vegetarian. AG (Joy’s mother) became pregnant with Joy while they were living in Boston. AG was recovering from Bells Palsy when she gave birth to Joy. Several years later, Joy’s father pursued employment in California. He left for months at a time, which is when Joy started suffering from breathing problems. When the family moved to California about two years ago, Joy started suffering from periods of low energy and an inability to walk. Joy was treated by a doctor of Chinese medicine and received acupuncture and herbal supplements. The acupuncture would work temporarily and he would be able to walk for a few days after a treatment.

Joy did not suffer from asthma. His lungs wouldn’t expand properly and appeared more mechanical in nature. He was unable to fall sleep before 2 am and was fatigued most of the time. He experienced both leg and back pain and was unable to move his legs. He fell and broke his tailbone when he was younger but after it healed he was able to walk. Joy remained seated most of the day and the pain would come and go. He was so hypersensitive he would be “wiped out” simply by taking a shower. There didn’t appear to be a particular trigger for the pain. Joy was carried into the office for his Ondamed treatment on 11/9/07.

During his first Ondamed session on November 9th of 2007 the practitioner found circulatory system and glands were the main areas of interference. When testing the microorganism responses on him, his biological terrain was generally infested with fungus and parasites.

He received treatments on 11/15 and 11/27 and there was no change in his condition.

During his treatment on 12/4/07 the practitioner noted microorganism frequencies with a very strong response in the neck area. He appeared to have a set back and had more difficultly moving.

His treatment on 12/14/07 the Individual Specific scan revealed main areas of interference were in the stomach and colon. Frequencies applied to all of the abdominal areas as well as the hips, knees and ankles. After this treatment he was able to walk for short periods of time up until the 20th of December before his next treatment.

He had stopped walking the day before his treatment on 12/21/07. He started walking again after this treatment.

When he received his next treatment on 12/27/07 the practitioner noted microorganism frequencies for parasites corresponded to liver, gallbladder and intestines. He was still able to walk for a few days after the last treatment. He appeared to stop walking right before treatments. Pain also was also less constant as was the fatigue. Some days he had great energy and afterwards he would crash.

On 12/28/07 the microorganism frequencies appeared again and corresponded to the liver area as well as the intestines. He was still able to walk for several days but not more than 4-5 days after treatment.

He received another treatment on 1/3/08 and 1/10/08. He walked for 3-4 days after treatment and his breathing improved greatly after the sessions.

After his treatment on 1/14/08 he walked but was very weak for 4 days after the treatment. On 1/24/08 specific frequencies were found that corresponded to his back.

When Joy came in for his appointment on 1/28/08 he was still being carried in for his treatment. The practitioner added a red root herbal extract to activate his spleen. On 1/29/08 he left the visit with charged water. Joy was able to walk into each session from this visit forward. The visit on the 29th was the first time he walked into the office on his own.

Joy received treatments on 2/3/08 and 2/7/08 and reported that he was still improving. By his visit on 2/12/08 all of his symptoms improved and he was able to fall asleep earlier and remain asleep up to 7 hours. He was improving his ability to walk and shower without assistance now (his muscles had atrophied). The pain was substantially diminished and no longer an issue.

On 2/15/ 08 treatment was applied to his knees and spine. His supplements were reduced to a minimum because they appeared to be causing intestinal distress. He was still doing well and improving. He also reported improvement during his treatment on 2/19/08.

By his treatment on 2/29/08 Joy was walking and breathing well. His main complaint was that he was extremely stressed about schoolwork (although he is a straight A student). The focus of the treatment was on stress and brain function. Much of the stress appeared to stem from his relationship with his mother who was very demanding with very rigid and high expectations. She is also the one who instilled fear about living in the United States and how dangerous it was. Joy is very sensitive to his mothers’ stress and feelings. The stress was affecting his schoolwork. He found it more difficult to concentrate and complete his work.

He received a treatment on 3/18/08 that produced a very relaxing effect for him. He felt more relaxed and less stressed. By the next visit he reported that his schoolwork improved and he was better able to apply himself.

Joy received additional treatment on 3/25/08, 4/8/08 and 4/15/08 and still reported that he was doing very well and feeling great.

Before his treatment on 4/18/08 he had developed a rash on his back. It went away the next day after it was treated with Ondamed.

Joy received a treatment on 4/22/08 and the practitioner applied individual specific frequencies for the stomach in reactionary areas of lower abdomen, jaw, knees, throat, and right lymphatic ducts as well as preset programs. Joy was still improving and feeling great.

During his treatment on 4/26/08 Joy appeared extremely stressed and fatigued. He felt much better immediately after treatment and was able to focus and be more relaxed.

Joy discussed strong ego and cultural issues that were creating a “clash” for him during his treatment on 4/29/08. For the first time he appeared arrogant and was very mad at his parents and Indian culture and was putting everything down. He was much calmer and more relaxed after treatment.

He received treatment on 5/4/08 and was doing well. After his treatment on 5/16/08 he reported being progressively active. He was walking more, riding his bicycle and he was now playing basketball. He is no longer obsessed with computer gaming and has become a more avid reader. He expressed he was no longer angry with his parents and more comfortable with himself and his culture. The difference was very noticeable.

Joy received a treatment on 5/20/08 for a bicycle accident that injured his testicles. He was immediately better after treatment.

Joy received treatments on 5/ 27/08, 6/10/08, 6/13/08, 6/21/08, 7/1/08 and 7/21/08 and was still doing great overall. He was leading a normal healthy life and was enthusiastic. He was also getting along better with his mother and his father. His mother received several treatments as well because she saw such an enormous affect on her son. She became calmer; less stressed and was no longer causing stress to her son. Apparently both parents were so afraid of living in this country they instilled their fear into the child. The family was no longer living in fear and was now able to participate in the community.

Joy is in Denver where he has been vacationing at his cousin's home. He is still taking some flower essences, a few herbal extracts, as well as reduced amounts of nutritional supplements. He continues to do very well and is going to vacation in India for a month with his family. His case will be updated again.
(Case study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

FB is a 75-year old man who had 3 consecutive back surgeries 20 years ago due to numbness and neuropathy in his legs.

The surgeon told him his discs were calcified and pinching the nerves to his legs and performed a “scrapping” of the discs. It took 3 surgeries to relieve his pain and numbness. He was able to walk after the surgery and no longer needed crutches. He still experienced mild discomfort but nothing that he couldn’t live with.

In April 2007 he started to experience the same numbness and neuropathy in his legs and had to walk with crutches again. He also experienced new symptoms of numbness in his hands (he could not make a fist completely) and pain in his right groin. Over the course of the month the pain got continuously worse. However, he refused to see a physician or to take any pain medication. Instead he decided to try ONDAMED treatment and hoped for the best.

On 6/20/07 FB received his first ONDAMED treatment. He did not feel any significant change when he went for his second treatment on 6/22/07. He received another treatment on 6/26/07 and reported that there was no change since the last treatment. On his way home from the visit, his hands started shaking and he could not wait to get home. His urine became almost like syrup and he slept the rest of the day. The next morning he had a carbuncle that had formed overnight on the right side of his groin. It was the size of an orange and was draining pus. His wife immediately started putting mudpacks on it to help it drain more quickly. FB went back to the ONDAMED practitioner on 6/29/07 to show them what had occurred and a photograph was taken of the carbuncle.

What was interesting about the carbuncle is the day that it developed FB was able to completely make a fist and use his hands and he was able to walk without the crutches. The numbness and neuropathy had subsided significantly and improved over the course of the week. After the ONDAMED treatment on 6/29/07 the carbuncle completely drained and healed within a few days. FB and his wife purchased an ONDAMED machine. His wife was trained to use the machine and continues treating her husband at least 2 times per week. FB lives a full and active life and is outside most of the day. In addition to having the neuropathy and numbness, FB also has mild to moderate arthritis of the joints for many years that substantially improved after several treatments. He does not experience any pain, only occasional mild discomfort that does not interrupt his lifestyle and is under excellent control with ONDAMED. His wife also noticed that with ongoing treatment his coloring is excellent and the sparkle is back in his eyes.
(Case study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

CR is a 20 year-old female who had her first Ondamed treatment on May, 14, 2007 for a bad sore throat.

She decided not to see her physician because she knew that all that would be recommended is an antibiotic. She is firmly against taking it. In addition to the application of frequencies for the sore throat she also received stress related frequencies. By her next visit on the 21st of May, she reported to the practitioner that after first session on the 14th, her sore throat had completely subsided.

CR returned for an Ondamed treatment on Oct. 3rd, of 2007 doubled over with stomach pain. She had already been to the emergency room on Oct. 2nd to get some relief from her stomach pain. She was told that she had an intestinal infection and she was given a prescription for an antibiotic. She chose not to get the prescription filled and came for the Ondamed treatment instead, hoping it would alleviate the condition. Immediately after her Ondamed session she reported feeling at least 85% better. She returned for another treatment the next day on the 4th of Oct. to treat the intestinal infection again after which time she reported feeling 100% better. (Practitioner: Kelley Rothleutner)
(Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

RM is a 46-year-old man who has had shoulder pain for a few years.

Prior to seeing the ONDAMED practitioner, he saw several physicians. One physician recommended surgery on C1 and C2 to replace the degenerative discs. RM refused surgery and pain medications. He actively sought out alternatives.

He saw the ONDAMED practitioner on 9/15/07 and after just one treatment the pain completely disappeared for about one week.
The pain came back the following week, but it was significantly less. RM received another treatment on 9/28/07 and the pain went away again. He saw the practitioner again for treatment on 10/7/07 and did not have any pain in the shoulder. However, the pain seemed to have moved to his atlas (at the base of skull C1 and C2) and it felt like a stress headache. He returned for another treatment on 10/21/07. He had no pain in his shoulder or atlas. RM returned on 11/11/07 for another treatment. This time he was experiencing pain only in his sinus area. He returned for another treatment on 12/1/07. He had not experienced any pain, anywhere in his body since the previous treatment.

RM was extremely pleased that he was out of pain and did not require surgery. He reported to the practitioner that the only health issue he had was that he had bone degeneration in his jaw. Because of the bone degeneration, the oral surgeon was reluctant to perform two extractions of the back molars, both 2nd molars on the left and right, and bone grafting in the area of the 1st molars both left and right. All this dental work was going to be performed on his lower jaw. On 4/5/08 his oral surgeon took another x-ray. He was shocked to see that the bone in his jaw had regenerated to a significant enough degree that he was able to schedule the surgery. The oral surgery was a success and no other work was required.  (Practitioner: Kelley Kokes)

MM is a 49-year old male chiropractor who experienced acute pain in his left wrist in 2004.

MM had overworked the left wrist from doing adjustments in a very busy practice. The pain was so severe he had to stop practicing for three months in the hope that rest would help it get better. He tried various treatments including ice, heat and rest. However, the pain did not subside. MM was preparing to sell his practice since he was in pain and unable to do any adjustments. In July 2004 he received one ONDAMED treatment. After the treatment he experienced some pain relief. The protocol was going to be one treatment per week until the pain subsided. The next morning the pain was completely gone. He immediately went back to work and has not experienced any pain since 2004.   (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

ZA is a 49-year old physician specializing in adolescent medicine who heard about the ONDAMED machine from
MM (a chiropractor).

ZA simply did not believe MMs results. He visited the ONDAMED practitioners and refused to give them any information. Instead he said, “I do not believe in this energy medicine stuff. I need to see it with my own eyes. There is only one thing wrong with me – find it!” ZA was scanned with the ONDAMED machine. It revealed problems with the right and left upper jaw and the left knee. ZA could not believe that these issues were picked up by the machine. He had a wisdom tooth removed from the left and right upper jaw (which he forgot about) two week prior to the scan. The “one thing” he had wrong with him was picked up by the machine – his left knee. He had a left torn medial meniscus for 10 years and was experiencing terrible pain. He had tried everything available to avoid surgery. The pain had become unmanageable. ZA reluctantly scheduled surgery. He received ONDAMED treatment to his left knee and was scheduled for one ONDAMED treatment each week. By the second treatment he experienced noticeably less pain. After the 4th treatment the pain was completely gone and he cancelled his surgery. ZA was convinced that the ONDAMED therapy regenerated cartilage. He remains pain free.    (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

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