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ONDAMED Case Studies — Myasthenia Gravis

Janice Parsneau, a 59 year old female, DOB 05/26/1950, has had 17 treatments as of March 26, 2010:
Diagnosed with MG after initial testing in her 40’s for MS.

Symptoms included:

•    Muscle weakness over whole body increasing with use
•    Drooping eyelid on right side
•    Sagging face on right side
•    Lack of facial expression on right side
•    Weakness of the hand muscles
•    Extreme tiredness in daytime
•    Sleep disturbance at night
•    Equilibrium/Balance problems

Janice experienced severe muscle weakness, drooping of the right eyelid, sagging of right side of face and urgency incontinence. She didn’t sleep well at night, but was sleepy during the day requiring frequent naps lasting more than one hour at a time. She was lethargic and had problems with balance, falling frequently.

Ondamed treatments were started on January 18, 2010 at Ultimate Living Medical Clinic. She received three treatments before I began seeing her on February 3, 2010. By her fifth treatment with Ondamed, she started resting better. By March, she reported sleeping six hours at night undisturbed. The muscle tone of her face greatly improved. (See comparison Pictures to the right)

On March 10, I used Program 160 on Janice. Immediately following the treatment, I gave her the treated bottle of water as usual only I forgot to open it for her. I usually opened the bottles because she had no hand strength to do so herself. Janice took the bottle and without thinking opened the bottle. On a whim, she tried to walk, one foot in front of the other, like a drunk-test, and was amazed she could do so for a few steps without stumbling or looking balance.

On March 15, I began a 10-treatment protocol for her to address her main complaint – MG. Janice started feeling more energetic and had to hold herself back from overdoing it. By the sixth treatment she reported not napping during the day at all, able to walk the drunk-test for 7 steps without falling or losing her balance, and she had a bright and cheery attitude.

By treatment 8, she was sleeping six hours a night, undisturbed with no daytime napping. Her balance had improved to where she could walk the drunk-test for 20 feet without faltering and Janice could stand on her tiptoes.

Treatment 9, March 26, 2010. Janice complained of muscle soreness in her right arm and shoulder and in her buttocks. The day before she played catch with her kids, something she hasn’t done in years. Her soreness came from running after the ball and throwing balls back – all without falling.

Treatment 10, March 29, 2010. Janice said she thinks all the extra activity has caught up with her. She was feeling like she needed a nap today. She was having some trouble with motor function in her legs. I finished the first round of specialized treatments for her. Next treatment will be on Wednesday this week.

We started a second intense protocol session with Janice, altering the treatment programs to just four programs each day. Programs used were 47, 48, 160, and 170 alternating every other day to 47, 112, 160, and 100.

Treatment 1, March 30, 2010. Motor function returned to her legs after last week’s treatment.

Treatment 2, March 31, 2010. Janice slept soundly the night before; saying she didn’t even hear her husband snoring or his morning alarm. That is not usual for her.

Treatment 5, April 5, 2010. Janice reported sleeping very well, 1 am to 9 am.

Treatment 7, April 8, 2010. Janice said she was having some breathing/asthma issues the night before so I added programs 109 and 113. She was able to take deep breaths after the treatment.

Treatment 8, April 9, 2010. I added program 113 to the scheduled protocol for today.

Treatment 10, April 13, 2010. This is the last treatment in second course of the MG protocol. Patient left for vacation the week of April 19, 2010.

May 3, 2010. Janice took a week-long vacation in Laughlin, Nevada. I saw her for treatment Monday, May 3. She had a good time on vacation, not experiencing any setbacks with the MG. She said it took her 2 days to recuperate, but that was characterized by sleep and in bed for 2 days. The third day, Janice said she was full of energy and ready for almost anything.

Her treatment was over a week after she returned. She had a treatment Friday, April 15 before she left for vacation on the week of April 19. Janice went 15 days until her next treatment without any perceived loss of the previously attained results.

Treatments are resuming at the frequency of three times weekly. Current programs used are 47, 52, 113, and 160.


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