This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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ONDAMED Case Studies — Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Silvia Binder received the following 3 studies from a practitioner in Ireland.

10.04.2013: Kenneth McGoona is a 60 year old man suffering from Progressive MS for over 10 years. Ken is suffering a lot of fear /anxiety and stress due to deafness and had to do deep breathing to try and relax himself. He had an ear infection 12 mths ago. He was give 5 repeat treatments of an antibiotic for the infection but has now gone completely deaf in both ears. He suffers with Polymyalgia and has a lot of pain in his throat, neck and shoulders. He currently takes between 16-18 painkillers a day to relieve the pain but of no use.

  • Module 1: (r) 56.68 Stomach/spleen (l) 1116.6 Small Intestine/ Bladder Int 1.6
  • Module 2: 14,21,23,31,34,41,47,50,57,71,75,90,96,111,120,113,141,159
  • Programs used: 31,50
  • Module 3: 205.1

17.04.2013: Kenneth felt much more relaxed and the anxiety had lifted before he left the MS centre after his 1st treatment of Ondamed. He went for 2 walks this week, has not been able to do that in a long time. More energy. Completely deaf though, no improvement, but feels much calmer the fear has reduced dramatically. Pain in throat, neck and shoulders gone completely, off all painkillers.

  • Module 2: 34, 90 75

01.05.2013: Kenneth is feeling much better he even took a trip to England with his son as he had his 60th birthday. Ken travelled for 15 hours and walked about 3 miles with his son, something he thought he could not do prior to Ondamed treatments and was going to cancel the weekend. Ken has been with his doctor and is told his Vertigo has much improved. Polymyalgia pain is gone and Ken is still of all pain medication. His anxiety is way down on what it was.

  • Module 1: As per 10.04.2013 Int 1.4
  • Module 2: 15,19,20,23,28,35,37,41,44,47,48,50,56,64,72,76,80,90,98,100,106,112,120,130
  • Programs used: 15,20,28,48

08.05.2013: Kenneth has a little pain back across his shoulders but thinks it is probably because he has been more active over the week. He is getting out for walks and able to play with his grandchildren again. He is jogging on the spot and finds his balance is much better. Anxiety and fear way down.

  • Module 2: 19,040, 90, 100

15.05.2013: Ken has had a bad week overall, he had flu and was very miserable. He had an increase in pain due to his doctor reducing his steriods from 15mg – 12mg. Ken had to resume taking the 15mg to get relief.

  • Programs used: 18, 23, 90, 50

Conclusions/Observations: Kenneth has had 5 Ondamed treatments starting 10th April to 15th May 2013. Ken was suffering from a lot of anxiety and fear due to his deafness. After his first Ondamed treatment he had immediate improvement in his anxiety levels before he even left the room. Ken noted that he is now able to go for walks and play with his grandchildren something he was not able to do in a long time. He is also able to jog on the spot. Ken suffers with Vertigo and when he was with his doctor it was noted there was a marked improvement in his balance. I would conclude from this that if Ken continues to receive Ondamed treatments he would hopefully continue to improve the quality of his life.

Note: Ken has had only 5 Ondamed treatments so far on a weekly basis and there has been no major break in between treatments so far. It would be difficult to say at this point whether Ken's improvements would continue to hold or if he would need ongoing treatments.



13.02.2013: Susan Mooney – diagnosed with remitting relapsing MS in 2009. Medication has helped withspasms. She generally feels all over pain with increased pain in (r) shoulder. Suffers with chronic fatigue and stopped working last October’12. Susan has been unable to go out unless she is accompanied and is unable to walk for any length of time. She is also unable to go out socially with her friends for a long time now. She suffers with restless leg syndrome and also with reflux.

 On a scale of 1-10 MS impacts on Susan’s life: MS : 8 / Fatigue: 8 / Pain: 9 / Restless Leg Syndrome: 4 / Reflux: 4

  • Module 1: (r) 3649.1 – Stomach (l) 2981.1 Gallbladder/Liver Int: 1.4
  • Main areas of focus: Head Areas of response: Chest, (l) arm, (r) hip, spine
  • Mod 2: 13, 17 – Revitalization

13.02.2013: Deirdre Phelan: 49 years old. Has Progressive MS for about 2 1/2 years. MS has impacted her life as a 9 on a scale of 1-10. Her mobility is also a 9 on this scale. Fatigue is about a 4. On Deirdre’s first Ondamed session due to her being tired I only administered Module 2. The following programs showed up:

  1. 18 – Revitalization
  2. 23 + 28 – PANS
  3. 36 – Lungs
  4. 38 – Liver / Gallbladder
  5. 40 – lymph / Immune systems
  6. 42 – Brain waves
  7. 49 - Endrocrine System
  8. 50 – Anti Stress
  9. 53 – Super Regulation
  10. 57 – Bones and Ligaments
  11. 58 – Osteoporosis
  12. 63 – Upper Abd. + Pancreas
  13. 70 – Old overloads
  14. 72 – Detox
  15. 76 – jaw joint / teeth
  16. 87 – Chronic Degeneration
  17. 90 – Scar Dysfunction
  18. 100 – CNS Build up
  19. 106 – Intestines
  20. 115 – Nutritional
  21. 126 – Mucus Membrane
  22. 135 – Flatulence
  23. 149 – Atlas Occupital
  • Programs used: 23,90,126

Deirdre reported feeling better mobility and controlled coordination before leaving the centre.

06.03.2013: Deirdre reported that her mobility is still improved since her last session with increased vitality.

  • Mod 2: 18, 100, 40

13.03.2013: Deirdre reported that her mobility and coordination is still improved since her last session and she has better balance. Also her mood has improved and good vitality.

  • Mod 2: 28, 49, 42, 100
  • Mod 3: 710.00 – Int 1.7

20.03.2013: Deirdre feels her mood has improved. Her sinus infection and tummy have settled and she doesn't feel so bloated.. Coordination and balance are good. Her vitality is up and she has a clear head.

  • Mod 2: 18, 126, 100, 28.

10.04.2013: Deirdre's energy levels are very good. Her digestive system is good and mood good. Her coordination is still better but her balance was a little off yesterday.

  • Mod 2: 23, 87, 49.

17.04.2013: Deirdre has a sense of wellbeing about her. Her skin colouring has improved. Deirdre had a good week and her energy levels have kept up. She is a lot busier lately and is able to cope. Balance and coordination still improved.

  • Mod 2: 19, 26, 39, 47, 48, 50, 66, 80, 86, 90, 97, 100, 107, 126, 140, 160.

24.04.2013: Deirdre has been feeling good all week, energy levels good, coordination good. Feeling an improvement in motor function. Deirdre is now able to dress and undress herself and do her buttons.

  • Module 2: 27, 112, 90

01.05.2013: Deirdre feels in good form and energy levels are good. Coordination and balance are good. Deirdre continues to be able to dress and undress herself. Also, she is now able to blow dry her hair, something she has not been able to do in a long time.

  • Module 1: (r) 1.37 Glands/hormones – Gallbladder (l)
  • 29.34 Stomach – Spleen/Pancreas Int 1.7
  • Module 2: 16,19,24,26,37,40,48,50,56,65,83,90,100,110,112,117,125,130,135,146,149,154
  • Programs used: 16, 90

15.05.2013: Deirdre feels she has more energy. Better balance and coordination. Stomach feeling much better- less bloating with no change to her diet. Susan now finds she is able to stand having her shower as opposed to having to sit on a chair. She finds she can now bend down to load the washing machine and can even squat. Susan also remarked that she is now wearing her runners again which she hasn't worn in a long time due to her feet catching on the floor when walking.

  • Module 2: 16, 90, 112

Conclusion/Observation: Deirdre has had 10 Ondamed treatments since the 13th February till 15th May 2013. It is very apparent that there have been many improvements in Deirdre over this short time.

  • Improved energy
  • Improved sence of wellbeing/mood -clear head
  • Digestive system
  • Increased balance and coordination -ie. Deirdre can now again dress and undress herself and do her buttons. She can blow dry her hair. She can again stand while showering. Deirdre can bend to load the washing machine even to squat. And Deirdre is now again wearing her runners and is able to lift her feet so as they don't catch the floor.

Improvements so far for Deirdre have been excellent, so I would have great expections for Deirdre continuing to improve with ongoing treatments of Ondamed.


Note: Even though there have been times when Deirdre did not receive treatments every week, the improvements still held.

LC is a 53-year old woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1997.

Her brain scan revealed 16 lesions in her brain. She had a previous brain scan in 1991 when her symptoms became severe and was told it was normal. It was re-read by another specialist who performed the brain scan in 1997 and he could not believe that it was misread as normal when there was evidence of brain lesions. Her physician prescribed weekly injections of Avonex. Her symptoms included extreme dizziness affecting her balance and bouts of parasthesia and an inability to urinate (loss of bladder control). She went to the emergency room and was hospitalized many times over the years when her symptoms were severe. During one hospitalization she needed to be catheterized in order to urinate for 5 weeks in 1993. In 2000 she had a severe relapse. She experienced extreme exhaustion and was having difficulty stepping up onto a curb. It progressed to the point that she could barely walk. She was hospitalized for one month. She was paralyzed during the hospitalization for 3 weeks. LC was given Mitrozantrone (chemotherapy) during her hospitalization and slowly got better. She was told she had borderline relapsing-remitting MS and she would experience deterioration of her condition. She was sent home from the hospital after she made her home handicapped accessible since during her hospitalization she was in a wheelchair. LC was able to leave the hospital with a walker rather than a wheelchair since she had some improvement. However, it took her a long time to recover at home. She could no longer continue working as the Executive Director for the Mental Health Association. LC experienced cognitive dysfunction after this relapse and had some difficulty swallowing.

In addition to the Avonex she was given intravenous immunoglobulin therapy 2 days each month from 2001-2003. In 2003 she was prescribed 3200 mg of Neurontin each day (the maximum dose) for severe neuropathy. She was still being hospitalized each year and nothing seemed to be helping. She was progressing and getting worse. She wasn’t able to work; her marriage became extremely stressful due to her illness and her level of stress made her condition even worse. She needed to walk with a cane even after she had some recovery after her hospitalizations. The MS continued to progress.

In March 2005 LC started treatment with ONDAMED. She had one treatment and did not feel anything immediately after. However, that evening she felt an “enormous psychological shift.” In her own words she felt like the jigsaw puzzle piece that was missing was finally put into place. She continued her treatment once per week and progressively improved. In January 2006 she purchased her own machine and immediately started using it 3 times per week. Her energy, cognitive function and sense of well being significantly improved. She could actually run up stairs. Her neuropathy improved over time and she was able to slowly cut her dose of Neurontin to 100 mg per day. She is no longer experiencing any neuropathy and is working with her neurologist to completely go off the Neurontin. She continuously gets better rather then deteriorating over time. She sleeps better, has increased energy and her mobility is excellent. She no longer needs to walk with a cane and can exercise. LC is also being weaned of Labatolol for hypertension that she developed in 2000 and is now on a half dose. LC was prescribed Provigil for extreme fatigue that she took since 1998. When she started ONDAMED she was slowly weaned off the medication and stopped taking it completely in 2006. She no longer experiences esophageal spasms. She was prescribed Verapimil in 2000 for the spasms and due to the use of ONDAMED she was weaned off this medication in 2006. LC continues to take is Avonex and will be off the Neurontin shortly. Since 2000 she was prescribed Tizanadine for spasticity and will start cutting down her dose shortly. Her physicians are amazed at her progress and continuous improvement. Her MS was severe and deterioration was imminent and occurred up until the time she started ONDAMED. She has since become an ONDAMED practitioner and helps other seriously ill patients get well.    (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

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