This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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ONDAMED Case Studies — Infertility

MF is a 32 years old woman who has had trouble getting pregnant.

MF had two successful pregnancies thanks to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). MF wanted to try to get pregnant without IVF and In the beginning of February she began her weekly treatments. Using only her pulse – no protocol or "forced" programs just exactly what she needed based on pulse, within 18 sessions we were happy to discover MF was pregnant. MF was very excited! She never thought it would be possible after her two previous struggles, and being forced to rely on IVF. She already has three children with her last pregnancy yielding twins.

Note: There are five basic steps in the IVF and embryo transfer process:
1 Monitor and stimulate the development of healthy egg(s) in the ovaries. 
2 Collect the eggs.
3 Secure the sperm.
4 Combine the eggs and sperm together in the laboratory and provide the appropriate environment for fertilization and early embryo growth.
5 Transfer embryos into the uterus.
More information on IVF can be found at the American Pregnancy Association.

(Stories and miracles like this make me thankful for the work we do and the wonderful clients that are drawn to Ondamed. 
Rachel Marshall is the owner and practitioner of Natural Health and Wellness of New England)

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