This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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The International Holistic Center Radio Shows

Hosted by Dr. Elizabeth King Ed.D, LCSW, Cht. 

The International Holistic Center (IHC) is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and specializes in a "Total Approach to your Well Being" with counseling and integrative healthcare services. Dr. Elizabeth King is the founder and CEO of the IHC and was instrumental in bringing the Ondamed to her clinic. Dr. King and her staff are responsible in providing outstanding educational programming at levels commensurate with the listening audience making it not only understandable but equally enjoyable. Education and Entertainment is a powerful twosome. Not only is the Health Fusion Radio programming educational for the consumer, it is highly educational to all health professionals investigating the new Wellness Revolution. A hearty BRAVO ZULU goes out to Dr. King and her incredible staff at the International Holistic Center.

In the media player are the audio files from the Dr. King Health Fusion show. Each audio corresponds to information about the show located in the "Showcase" section. Simply click on the section you wish to listen to or click on the arrow to scroll down to the audio of interest.


  On November 10, 2010, Dr. Elizabeth King from the International Holistic Center (IHC) interviewed Silvia Binder. This was a one hour interview and is segmented into 4 parts:
Part 1: How ONDAMED came about and how Silvia was introduced to the Ondamed
Part 2: Physicians are embracing Ondamed
Part 3: How the Ondamed Works – What the Body is telling Ondamed
Part 4: Inflammation – The Common Denominator & What does the Ondamed Treat
01: August 4, 2010 Programming: About our New ONDAMED Device. Dr. King and David Webb introduces the ONDAMED and interviews Dr. Wolf-Dieter Kessler in the 3rd segment.
01-1 Ondamed Introduction
01-2 History and Science
01-3 Interview with Dr Kessler
02: Coming soon, August 18 2010 Show: ONDAMED Made Simple.

We will show case future audios as they are made available. Please do contact Dr. King and her staff and let them know the impact their educational programing has help you either with your practice if you are a doctor, or if you are a patient with your health professional.

This site is intended for informational purpose only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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