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ONDAMED Case Studies — Fly Strike

A 2-year old sheep experienced fly strike at the end of June 2007.

Fly strike is when flies hatch in a barn in great numbers and lay eggs in the animal's hide. The eggs hatch into maggots which then feed on the animal and eat it alive. The owner did not know this happened (she owns 100 sheep) until the sheep lost its’ will to live when it got very sick. The sheep lay down and refused to eat or drink on July 1, 2007. Apparently sheep are one of the few animals that will not fight when it is very sick and wait to die. The owner tried to pick some of the maggots out of the hide, but this became impossible since the hide was completely infested. The infestation was too advanced so the veterinarian could not do anything to save her. He was only able to give her banderol to help ease the pain. The owner tried a copper paste on the animal but this too did absolutely nothing.

The owner had heard about ONDAMED and called the practitioner the evening that the animal went down as a last resort. The next morning, on July 2, 2007 the ONDAMED practitioner treated the sheep with an anti-stress program and 2 pain programs. The sheep was so sick and debilitated it was impossible to feel the animals pulse, so preset programs needed to be used. The practitioner left after the treatment and asked that the owner keep her posted. That evening by 6 pm, the sheep began to move around and nuzzle the hay and drank a small amount of water. At 9 pm that evening, the sheep stood up and was eating the hay and drinking water. The skin of the animal had turned black since it was dead skin, and there was no wool since it had fallen off with the fly strike. The practitioner gave the sheep another treatment the next morning that included a tissue regeneration and skin program as well as a patient specific program since now she could feel the animals pulse. After this treatment, the animal healed in 1-½ weeks. The dead skin had fallen off and there was new skin growth and the animal required no further treatment. The owner was able to use Topricin (arnica salve) on the animal after the final ONDAMED treatment. This is a remarkable case since without the ONDAMED treatment the owner and the veterinarian knew that the animal would have died. (Case Study conducted by Dr. Shari Lieberman)

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