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February 2009 Topic – A New Spin on Healing

Guest Speakers: Rolf Binder, Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD and James Oschman, PhD

Wolf-Dieter Kessler, M.D., Ph.D. is an inspiration to me, and ONDAMED has been an inspiration to him. A pioneer in the application of alternative medicine and ONDAMED at his clinic in Northern Germany, Dr. Kessler has now done something that is truly remarkable. How often does a physician leave behind the comfortable world of what we know and think we understand and plunge into the depths of quantum physics? We know that free radicals are harmful and need to be neutralized by electrons, but Dr. Kessler has gone far beyond the charge of the electron to consider the ways electrons and protons spin, as in nuclear magnetic resonance or NMR. His goal: a better understanding of electromagnetic resonance in living systems. The results take us closer to answering the riddle: how do the frequencies produced by ONDAMED influence so many different living processes? --- Silvia Binder

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01: Silvia Binder: Introduction
02: Dr. Kessler: Discussion on quantum physics and Ondamed
03: Dr. Oshman: Follow-Up Discussion on quantum Physics
04: Comments and Discussions
05: Comments and Discussions
06: Rolf Binder: Comments
07: Comments and Discussions
08: Discussion on Socialized Medicine and Close

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