This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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December 2008 Topic – Free Yourself of Free Radicals

Guest Speakers: James Oschman, PhD and Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD

A leading theory states that the accumulation of free radical damage to cells and tissues causes aging. A related theory is that chronic inflammation initiates the so-called diseases of aging. In both cases, it is the deficiency in electrical charge that makes free radicals so damaging. Free radicals can be neutralized by electrons. Getting electrons to move to areas of free radical production should slow the aging process and prevent the diseases of aging.

A new insight is that the pervasive structural system in the body, called the living matrix, can function to prevent free radical damage by delivering electrons to any place where these destructive molecules are being produced, whether by metabolism or by activities of the immune system.

By combining our understanding of the energetic properties of the living matrix with clinical observations, we are discerning how ONDAMED is able to simultaneously resolve chronic inflammation as well as thwart the aging process. It is the charge movement induced by the tiny magnetic fields produced by the ONDAMED that accomplishes these two important goals. The matrix is one of the systems allowing movements of electrons to the places where they are needed.

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01: Silvia Binder: Introduction
02: Dr. James Oschman: Discussion on Free Radicals and the Metrix
03: Dr. Wolf-Dieter: Understanding Residence Energy and Relationship with Free Radicals
04: Dr. James Oschman: Life is too Rapid and Subtle - It is Amazing How Quickly Healing can take Place with the Understanding of Residency and the Use of the Ondamed
05: A Case in Point by Understanding Brain Wave Functions – Cardio Arrhythmia and Sleeplessness from a Woman Dr. Wolf-Deter met with who owned her own Ondamed – Watch video
06: Talking about Traumatic Injuries, Collateral Damages and how it Leads to additional Free Radical Damage leading to Additional Health Issues via Inflammation
07: 1st Question: As a Practitioner, am I being Effected by the Ondamed during Treatments
08: 2nd Question: Question on TIA after Treatment and Safety on Subsequent Treatments
09: 3rd Question: Question on Dr. Oschman’s graphic representation which he talked about, and insight on Pain management as a result of Jaw Implants. Also information on Jolanda’s Web site containing additional assets for practitioners and patients
10: 4th Question: What ongoing research and studies are being conducted along with discussions on future research and case studies which could be introduced and conducted? Dr. Kessler has some case studies on his Web site, Click Here for more information
11: 5th Question: Should Ondamed be looked at as the technology that should be used by itself
12: 6th Question: Arousal levels in the Brain and treating mental health – preparing for troops coming back from the war in Iraq with traumatized injuries
13: Wrap-Up

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