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August 2014 – ONDAMED: My Story & My Practice

Susan RohrIt is with great pleasure and respect that Silvia would like to introduce her dear colleague Susan Rohr, BSN, RN, a very successful ONDAMED practitioner and owner of Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC, located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Susan will discuss how her own struggles with Chronic Lyme and autoimmune illness brought her to ONDAMED and how her health journey transformed not only her own life but, helped her create a thriving integrative health and wellness center where she helps countless patients find answers for their health.

Susan's approach to personalized medicine, as well as her strategies for building a successful practice will be discussed, followed by a Q & A session with both Silvia and Susan.

Susan Rohr, BSN, RN is the owner of Brookfield Health & Wellness, LLC located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. As an Integrative Registered Nurse Ondamed/Energy Medicine Practitioner, she believes in nurturing the body's innate healing potential. "Every patient is a beautiful complex puzzle requiring the practitioner to focus not on symptoms but to reach with the patient into their physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual body to identify the root causes of their Disease process."

"My personal struggles with Chronic Lyme and autoimmune illness has supported an evolution of my body and soul to a place of living my best life every day. When you transform all the parts of yourself you heal to the core."

Susan's Credentials & Certifications Include:

  • Viterbo University, LaCrosse, Wisconsin BSN
  • State of Wisconsin & California Board Certified RN
  • Ondamed Intensive 2011 & 2013
  • Klinghardt Academy Intensive seminar: Autonomic Response Testing, Lyme Protocols,
  • Autism, Neural Therapy, Chronic Disease at Whidbey Island

To the right is the media player. Each number corresponds to each section of the conference call listed below. Simply click on the section you wish to listen to or place your cursor over the number and click on the arrow to launch the download option.

01: Silvia Binder introduces Susan Rohr
02: Susan tell her story
03: Question was asked about carrying liability insurance
04: Question and discussion on cancer treatment
05: Question on self treatment and the best way to take own pulse
06: Question and discussion on best marketing tips
07: Discussion was raised on patterns seen while testing microorganisms
08: MTHFR - Addressing toxicity issues as well as discussion on issues with the body unable to detox; what else has been done to address removing toxins
09: Question was asked about how often in one day can the ONDAMED be used on a person as well as discussion on ONDAMED's software
10: Wrap up

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