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August 2008 Topic — The Bio Energetic Field Processes of Life

Healing and Regeneration, A Scientific Informational Model

Guest Speakers: Valerie V. Hunt, Ed.D. and Dr. Wolf-Eieter Kessler, MD.

Pioneer scientist of human energy fields, lecturer, author, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Physiological Sciences at UCLA, Dr Valerie Hunt's early research established the validity of bioenergy fields by measuring vibrations of the field with high frequency electronic instruments and capturing these on video and sounds tapes. Her visionary approach and high standard of scientific integrity led her to groundbreaking discoveries in energy fields and won international acclaim from researchers in the field of physiology, medicine and bioengineering. Dr. Hunt has consulted in space biology for NASA and has been a field reader for the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare research grants, has taught courses at 20 medical colleges and universities here and abroad and has studied ritualistic healings and mystical beliefs in the Orient, South America, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Valerie Hunt’s new book is titled “Uncork Your Consciousness”.

Dr. Valerie Hunt integrates the clinical contributions of Kessler, Oschman’s in-depth explanation of tissue happenings and Lipton’s revelation that the DNA of genes is continually programmed by human experiences. Such information sets the stage for Dr. Hunt to describe her research in bioenergy fields as the fundamental transactions between inside and outside fields. Each individual develops a unique field signature pattern which determines what information (stimuli) he or she accepts, rejects, stifles or embellishes.

Dr. Hunt describes how the mind is not the brain but is unique in itself, flowing between body and brain cells. The mind memory is stored in all tissue, particularly in the glial cells of the brain. Dr. Hunt also defines stages of consciousness in vibrational patterns, thoughts and behaviors. She will show that emotions, as an energy quanta primitively programmed in the brain, are organized in the mind-field pattern to protect body and self, and to provide happiness and joy. From experiences of past lives, in utero and living, the mind-field elaborates emotional patterns to direct thought and the intent and will of behavior. She will track the informational sources of body-mind from proteins to organ systems, to brain patterns, to genes, to energy field transactions showing that each “science” brings levels of truth and understandings that are the fundamental source of disease, health, consciousness and evolution.

Finally, based on her personal experiences, Dr. Hunt pinpoints the extensive contributions of ONDAMED to all expanding levels of truths.

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01: Introducing Dr. Valerie Hunt
02: Dr. Hunt’s Story on her 1st Ondamed Treatment
03: Levels of Truth. A Marvelous New Concept of Medicine. Understanding the Importance in the “Level” of Energy within the Body, and the Importance Energy Fields has in Tissue Regeneration through Tissue memory.
04: Dr. Valerie Hunt Explains How She Came to Her Conclusions
05: Brief Discussions on The Mind Field, Emotions and Consciousness
06: Dr. Hunt’s Impressive Thoughts on the Ondamed
07: Insight on Stress, Inflammation and Oxygen in the Body
08: Question 1: Experiencing “Being In the Field of the Ondamed”, Understanding and Handling the Effects. Also, Clarification between Re-oxidation after Surgery and Autohemo.
09: Question 2: Are there Bio-Field Effects Caused by of the Administrator. Elaborates on the Mind to Mind and Field to Field.
10: Question 3: Work with Dreams – Anyone Doing Work with Dream-Work
11: Question 4: Safety with Children and Pregnant Women
12: Question 5: Cell Phone Effects on an Individual’s Field During Treatment.
13: Question 6: Clarification on Frequencies to be Selected for Treatment.
14: Question 7: Client’s/Patient’s Environment while in the Waiting Room
15: Question 8: The Resolution of Emotional Dynamics – Getting the person into a state of Higher Consciousness… Grounding the Individual.
16: Question 9: Additional Information on Consciousness – Sensitivity to Vibrations of Color and Sound. Focusing Consciousness to Energy Fields within an Individual’s Body.
17: A Big Thank You from a Practitioner whose Eyes have been Opened by the Ondamed and the Teleconference Call.
18: Question 10: Participation from Complex Children… Getting them to the Next Level. Making Sure of their Being Properly Grounded – in Order to get them into a Higher State of Consciousness. Dr. Hunt’s understanding of Autism.
19: Question 11: Information and understanding of the GDV Camera by Dr. Karotkov and the Bio Energy Field Monitor
20: Question 12: Understanding Aura Energy which is the Energy Field and what may Interfere and Affect an Individual’s Field.
21: Final Question: Fetal Malformation – Treating Mother & Child. Treating the Fetus’ Field – A Book Soon to be Coming Out on this Subject.
22: Wrap-Up

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