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ONDAMED Case Studies — Alcoholism

Case submitted by Kanwar Singh, Ph.D., India

ONDAMED is promising and we have achieved fair amount of success in managing Chronic Alcoholic Syndrome, where a patient who has very high level of dependency on Alcohol and Chewing Tobacco (Very common in India). He used to consume 01 bottle of 01 Liter of alcohol/ Whisky (McDowell’s , an Indian Brand) since early morning and about 30 Nos. of Sachets of Chewing Tobacco. When he came to us he was in bad condition. His Hemoglobin Hb level was 6.8 and he was advised for Blood Infusion. His liver was severely infected. Gums almost gone because of Chewing Tobacco. He could barely open his mouth and the power of Jaw to bite was hardly there. He lost over 30 kg. In the last two years. Other related problems; Neuropathy in limbs, Poor digestion, Difficulty in Breathing, Stomach ache, Blood in vomiting, etc.

He was referred to us by one of my Surgeon friend. We took the responsibility and it was a great challenge for us as well.

After initial screening and taking Case-History we put the client on Brainfeedback Therapy (Neurofeedback) as these types of patients have very low motivation / Confidence. After initial couple of sessions, when he started responding we switched him to ONDAMED.

Initially we worked with the Main Focus (MF) application followed by subsequent protocols in Module II. We created a mix and match of Module II since we are aware that CAS (Chronic Alcohol Syndrome) patients have low motivation, and a high tendency for anxiety. So, program Revitalization (12-18) was the beginning protocol followed by Psycho autonomic (23-34). Revitalization at the beginning protocol should be given once, but Prog. 23-34 is more relevant in case of addiction/dependency, as anxiety is greatly managed by the same followed by trembling of limbs, and palpitation. Then program 50 (Anti-Stress) must be administered.

Result: Client was relaxed, had sound sleep at night even sometime during the treatment (that’s positive sign).

Subject showed tremendous recovery after four sessions with insignificant signs of dependency on alcohol or tobacco. We even took him to a liquor store and he did not show any urge or craving.

The MF method is a great gun. It is basically a combination of many Module II protocols. In those 12 minutes with the help of applicators, many reaction areas can be ascertained and focused upon. I insist on MF as an initial treatment modality.


DAY -1 MF (Main Focus) through VAS

  • Revitalization (progr. 12-18) most appropriate prog. 16.
  • Interference (prog. 47)
  • Psycho autonomic (progr. 23-34) most appropriate prog. 28.
  • Polyneuropathy (prog. 123)
  • Addiction (prog. 94)
  • Detox (prog. 72) – don’t charge water
  • Brain Right Side (prog. 133)
  • Oxygen Exchange (117).
  • This protocol may exceed over 60 minutes. Two bottles of 01 liter each is charged and given to the Client.

DAY-2 MF through VAS

  • Psycho autonomic (progr. 23-34) most appropriate prog. 28.
  • Polyneuropathy (prog. 123)
  • Addiction (prog. 94) - If Physical urge still persist
  • Oxygen Exchange (progr. 117).
  • Delta dorm (prog. 51) - In case of Insomnia resulting into Hallucination, to make the Client Sleep
  • Brain Right Side (prog.133) Very important program to counter Mood Swings / Disorders.

DAY-3 MF through VAS

  • Psycho autonomic (progr. 23-34) most appropriate prog.28.
  • Jaw Joint (prog. 76) as this Client could hardly open his Mount because of fibrous condition due to Chewing Tobacco.
  • Constipation (prog. 147)
  • Oxygen exchange (prog. 117).

By now the addiction issue was almost addressed based on the symptoms shown by the patient. We focused ourselves on physiological aspects like: Difficulty in breathing, Constipation, Pain in limbs, Lack of appetite. Etc.

DAY-4 MF through VAS

  • Psycho autonomic (progr. 23-34) most appropriate Prog.28.
  • Polyneuropathy (prog. 123)
  • Water Supply Regulation (prog. 171)
  • Pancreas/Enzymes (prog. 143)

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