This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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About Teleconference Info Network


When it comes to wellness, people are becoming better educated and question what’s really best for them. They are seeing more and more illnesses being blamed on our environment, our way of life including horrible eating habits, and stress. People everywhere are searching for doctors and practitioners providing a wellness approach, and doctors are beginning to realize if they are going to survive, instituting a wellness program in their practice is absolutely necessary.

This site is dedicated to practitioners and anyone looking for answers. The resources found on this site are the best of the best; information from doctors, scientists, researchers and practitioners sharing their cases as well as actual case studies. Practitioners passing on information from their own clinics, talk shows such as with Dr. King at the International Holistic Center, and the many studies taking place not just here in the United States, but around the world. It was my own personal health issues and the result of the ONDAMED that resulted in standing this site up. Teleconference Info is dedicated to you.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in 1992 and for years the condition continued to worsen until early in 2002 I was told I had to seriously consider removing my infected colon. With the Prednisone and all the other medication, my condition was worsening, but surgery was not an option. As a researcher by trade and with the help of my wife Cheryl who had studied to be a Dental Hygienist, we knew there had to be an alternative to medication and surgery. In the same year, I attended a seminar sponsored by the company from which I was purchasing OPC-3® and other nutritional supplements. Doctors, health practitioners, scientists, all professions in their own fields provided exhaustive scientific research and very specific information on nutritional supplements and their effects on health in the human body. Information received educated me on what really causes not only Ulcerative Colitis, but many serious diseases and conditions we are face with today. Inflammation; no one seems to know what brings on UC, but one thing is certain if I could control the inflammation I could control my symptoms.

I began a regimen of supplements, a custom blend of isotonic nutrients and non-isotonic nutrients rich in anti-inflammatory properties and within a very short period of time I was able to wean myself off medication and I have been symptomatic and medication free since 2004, with some exceptions. The last challenge left was to quit smoking. I had quit smoking in 1992 and within a few months was when my UC was diagnosed. Never before had I had an issue. As one of my last ditch efforts to help my condition in 2002 I decided to take up smoking again, thinking that would solve the problem... it didn't and now I once again had the habit. After getting my UC under control I figured I could quit smoking however every time I mad the attemptmy UC would rear its ugly head.

The Missing Link

This is where the Ondamed came into play. I firmly believe the Ondamed is the missing link. I had the distinct honor of meeting Dr. Mark Armstrong here in the Atlanta area and after several sessions we were able to get past the final stage of my total remission with UC. For whatever reason, so long as I smoked my colon would not be inflamed. However, every time I would attempt to quit the UC would flare up within a week or two. What we discovered was intriguing. When integrating the Ondamed with my supplements, flare-ups didn't occur. Since implementing the Ondamed into my life, I have not had a single flare up… It IS the missing link! Equally remarkable is the fact that I was able to drastically reduce my supplements to a maintenance level, a huge savings from the amount I was previously taking to keep the flareups down.  

I firmly believe in the body's ability to be a very resourceful combatant to diseases and ailing health issues if given the proper conditions, nutrition, medication and environment. As a result of the science I have seen, and my own personal experience, the Ondamed is an invaluable contributor, asset, and resource for providing our body with the ability in fighting back against all odds. The Ondamed IS NOT an alternative to conventional medicine however IT IS both a complementary and integrative medical device.

It is about educating. In time, with the help of health practitioners, Ondamed, and nutraMetrix®, we will bring wellness to a level never seen in the history of mankind.

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Paying it Forward

This site was created in response to a heightened interest from so many expressing an interest in the Ondamed.  I hope the knowledge gained will be as beneficial to you as it has been for me, my family, friends and people with whom I have never met.

I am on a mission in providing as much education, information and resources necessary so others may have the same opportunity in addressing or attacking their own health issues. I only wish I had known about the Ondamed years earlier. Never let anyone tell you "it is impossible." Knowledge is power, and the scientists, doctors, and practitioners you will hear in audios found on this site are simply remarkable. I wish to thank each participant for their dedication and contribution in moving the science of health and wellness forward. I also must acknowledge and thank the dedicated team behind the Isotonix® products and their desire in helping to identify and bring the latest scientific formulated nutritional products which originally help dramatically reverse my health issues. I especially wish to thank Dr. Mark Armstrong for his friendship and unwavering kindness in teaching me the power of the Ondamed. His devotion to mind and spirit is infectious. And I wish to thank Ondamed and the entire staff… without their assistance these audios could not be made possible.

This site is intended for informational purpose only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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