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27 August 2009 Topic – Creating Peak Human Performance

Guest Speaker: Jeff Spencer, MA, DC.

This presentation discusses various applications of energy medicine to assist in creating peak human performance. The goal is to objectively evaluate the topic of energy medicine so that its therapeutic and pro-active potential can be brought into the clinical realm to improve human performance.

Currently there is a flood of new energetic protocols and modalities available that can significantly improve clinical and performance results whether it be for acute, repair, remodeling, sub-clinical, chronic, wellness care or to improve performance. An area where many such technologies and methods have shown to be of significant value is in addressing essential biologic aspects to improve or achieve peak human performance that have remained elusive to and not responded to conventional methods. And, the overall rationale for this is that some conditions and aspects of biology required for peak performance are in some measure energetically based and are therefore outside the domain of non-energy protocols. The therapeutic and pro-active use of energy medicine employs a diverse range of modalities including those employing biofeedback, specific pulsed electromagnetic fields, micro-currents, low power lasers, natural earth currents, and hands-on therapies. Physicians are increasingly interested in learning about all of these approaches, both because their patients are asking about them, and because energy medicine is taking on more and more significance in anti-aging medicine. When evaluated through the objective lens of science the concepts energy medicine is based on become rational and consistent with today's criteria by which other accepted therapeutic devices and methods are established.

"The brilliance of the ONDAMED is that it allows me to find the hidden energetic links to getting and staying well."   --- Dr. Jeff Spencer

Jeff Spencer is a leader in injury management, peak performance, and recovery. He has been directly involved in winning 42 Tour de France, World, Olympic, and National championships. He has also written three books associated with peak performance and recovery and lectures internationally on this subject. His clinical work has become the basis for many novel concepts in improving performance, recovery, and extending athletic careers.

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01: Introduction of Dr. Jeff Spencer “Creating Peak Human Performance”
02: Working with Dr. Jeff Spencer’s Tool Kit – What are his strategies. Healing and recover process during the sleep mode of our life. Big fan of treating himself. Talked about his high level of mercury poisoning, and what he did about it.
03: Giving people alternative & the importance in trusting your intuitions. Understanding the importance in trusting yourself. Also the importance of doctors changing their point of reference. How to stay on the leading edge of knowledge and technology.
04: The Brilliance of the Ondamed – It’s about identifying and focusing on the “Key Links”, the cause of the problem, identifying “Primary” sources.
05: Dr. Jeff Spencer’s Training Programs Talks about the Science.
06: Question 1: Dealing with Athletes – Getting them to embrace & implement Dr. Spencer’s strategies.
07: Question 2: Electro Magnetics, Connecting with the Earth – Coming soon is a great resource which will be at Keep that site bookmarked and check back often.
08: Question 3: Who does Ondamed Therapy in your practice?
09: Question 4: Clarification on Dr. Jeff’s Mercury Poisoning. Dr. Jeff goes into more detail on how the Ondamed really gets to the root of the problem and makes it up to the practitioner to follow what the finding.
10: Comment: Power of the Ondamed is in its ability to clean out background noise, if you will, in order to get to the point of a problem. An important part in staying healthy. Also the benefits of the Ondamed for Post Surgery therapy.
11: Question 5: 2 part question – how Dr. Jeff came to find Ondamed, and how the world is changing… concerns are everywhere as to the future and what will happen in the world of medicine and in healing. *** The Best – Very passionate explanation.
12: Close

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