This site is dedicated in providing recordings of Conference Calls conducted by Silvia Binder of ONDAMED, Inc along with actual results reported from practitioners around the world.


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Welcome to the ONDAMED Teleconference Info Network!

Dedicated to You

Why is this site “Dedicated to You”? Simple, health practitioners everywhere wanted a format providing easy access to information from practitioners and health professionals for practitioners and health professionals. Frustrated doctors and health practitioners continue searching for alternatives to traditional medicine, better solutions for their practices. In an interview Dr. Wolf-Dieter Kessler revealed himself to be at one time frustrated “When you are a doctor and you are confronted with patients who have problems and you don’t have nothing to offer…” he began looking for a better way and the Ondamed came into his life at the right time.

As a personal note

For me personally, I was introduced to the ONDAMED through Dr. Shari Lieberman with whom I had the pleasure of knowing through her aliance with us a Market America where she started our Transistions Lifestyle Sysem program which goes on today as one of the most successful programs that literally was the first to introduce the Low Glycemic Index. Her deidciation with getting to the truth made it possible for many organizations and companies like Ondamed gain "credibility" through scientific research and reviews. Dr. Shari's dedication to the field of science has greatly enhanced millions of people around the world. 

As a clinical nutritionist and author, 

Silvia Binder Interview

Natural Doc Radio on WWNN 1470 AM October 23 2015 with Herbert R. Slavin, MD, Janet Cimorelli, LNC and with Silvia Binder CEO/President of ONDAMED

Internist Herbert Slavin, M.D. and Janet Cimorreli, LNC from the Institute of Advanced Medicine in Florida interviewed Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D., on the use of ONDAMED in daily practice. Silvia shares her experience with patients and explains how this technology works and why physicians and patients should not be without it. Several cases are discussed as well as the global move of Integrative Medicine including Energy Medicine.

BOMBSHELL by Suzanne Somers

Cheryl and I have Suzanne Somers' new book BOMBSHELL. If you have not gotten it yet, I highly recommend it. Outstanding information from all levels! Click on Suzanne's book cover to find 5 locations to purchase her book.

Suzanne Sumers' BombShellIn her book "BOMBSHELL" Suzanne Somers talks with her "personal, Western-trained, anti-aging doctor" Michael Galitzer... He advises on lifestyle, diet, and ant aging therapies..."

MG: One of the first things I do with my patients is look at the Energetics of their pancreas when I’m testing in my office. I find pesticides frequently and we deal with them homeopathically, we also use an instrument called ONDAMED, WHICH STIMULATES THE HEALING PROCESS WITHIN THE BODY.

SS: Yes, I have an ONDAMED machine and I often tell my readers to encourage their doctors to purchase one. It is an amazing piece of equipment. I used it every day recently to heal faster from my stem cell breast surgery.

MG: The earth has a magnetic field and the earth has certain frequencies within it that allow us to live. By giving these kinds of frequencies to the body, it gets the body into a balanced state. (ONDAMED USES PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES TO STIMULATE AND BALANCE ENERGY FLOW WITHIN THE BODY) So that is why I use the ONDAMED in my office.

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